2016.06.08MPC Version 4.0

MPC Version 4.0

1. Help to easily manage your messy desktop with our new added MPC Desktop.
2. Block video ads for you.
3. Smooth reading mode for pure browsing.
4. Enjoy free-ads experience all in MPC Cleaner.
5. Bugs fixed.

2016.3.11MPC Version 3.4

MPC Version 3.4

1.Recommend MPC AdCleaner to block advertisement.
2.Clean Edge browser's web trace.
3.Show detail information when scanning and repairing.
4.Fix bugs.

2016.1.13MPC Version 3.2

MPC Version 3.2

1. Add Hot News recommendation.
2. Completed Compatible with Win10 Edge browser.
3. Scan and repair invalid shortcuts and favorites.
4. Support set Win10 Edge browser as the default browser.
5. Bug fixes;

2015.12.14MPC Version 3.0

MPC Version 3.0

1. Strengthen exception checking function.
2. Support task schedule full scanning.
3. Add directory protection to Software MPC.
4. Fix bug.

2015.08.21MPC Version 2.0

MPC Version 2.0

1. New feature: Ads Cleaner. Intelligently block web ads and popups.
2. Added notifications.
3. More startup items and software's junk files added to database.

2015.07.31MPC Version 1.4

MPC Version 1.4

1. Added a reminder when third party software attempt to uninstall MPC.
2. Optimized the UI and Tray icon.
3. Fasten the scanning speed of MPC.
4. Optimized both rules and UI of popup reminder
5. Fixed the upgrade issue of WinXP.

2015.06.30MPC Version 1.3

MPC Version 1.3

1. Added an Ignore option for each category.
2. Added uninstall survey.
3. Strengthen the PC speed optimization.
4. Fixed bugs.

2015.06.10MPC Version 1.2

MPC Version 1.2

1. Added new feature: Smart Balance. Intelligently adjust the processes priorities to balance CPU and to improve your computer.
2. Added new an item named "Accelerator"of Speedup. Speedup your computer by optimizing computer and network setting.
3. Redesign the UI of Settings.
4. New 12 language version: Japanese, Korean, Swedish, Turkish, Czech, Indonesian, Malay, Greek, Dutch, Finnish, Vietnamese,Hungarian (Thanks to Phoenix).
5. Added new Menu items: Volunteer Translators. If you would like to join our team of volunteer translator, please contact us: [email protected]
6. Fix bug.

2015.05.06MPC Version 1.1

MPC Version 1.1

1. New Polish version (Thanks to Malware1).
2. Optimized notification window: it will popup only for the startup task which the prohibition rate is under 50%.
3. Fix bug.
4. Add Tips to improve the experient.
5. Remove the IE Plugin.

2015.04.24MPC Version 1.0

MPC Version 1.0

1. Cleans temporary files, history, recycle bin, etc.
2. Cleans invalid registry keys.
3. Protects your PC from any malicious startup program.
4. One click to clean malicious browser plug-ins.
5. Blocks every malicious website.

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